UV /Visible Spectroscopy

This capability allows for the measurement of absorbtion spectra of materials in the ultraviolet - visible range of 190 nm to 800 nm. A variety of materials including plastics, oils, phamaceutical, biochemical, and environmental samples can be analyzed using this technique.

Samples can be in liquid or film form. Other sample forms can be accommodated with the proper attachment such as an integrated sphere for powders. NDE's spectrophotometer is an Agilent 8452A with dedicated ChemStation Windows - based software.

This software has the versatility to perform specialized applications such as method development or kinetic studies as well as routine analysis.

The detector is a diode-array especially suited for the analysis of both single and multicomponent samples. Sensitivities at the nanogram levels can be attained for compounds with high extinction coefficients.

Accurate quantification is one of the advantages of this technique because of the direct relationship between absorbance and concentration as defined by Beer's Law.